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The Texas A&M University-San Antonio First Year Experience Peer Mentoring Program was created in 2016.  Its purpose is to support the transition and retention of first year students in Jaguar Tracks I.  Peer Mentors are upperclassmen students at A&M-SA who are passionate about working with a diverse group of students and committed to these students’ learning and development.  They are high-achieving students and serve as a positive role model for students and assist them in navigating the academic, social, and personal challenges during their college journey.  Throughout their time as a Peer Mentor they will attend monthly trainings and group activities as a team, as well as planning programs and events for Jaguar Tracks students. 


Mission of Peer Mentors: 

Peer Mentors promote student engagement and foster an inclusive environment for students to find their sense of belonging and thrive on campus. 


Values of the Jaguar Tracks Peer Mentoring Program


Peer Mentors should be enthusiastic about their role and responsibilities.  As a Peer Mentor you want to help students transition and be successful at A&M-SA.  This means getting them excited about events, programs, and traditions on campus.  Encourage students to attend speakers and get involved in different service activities or clubs on campus.  Your enthusiasm and energy will be contagious and your students should recognize this and get just as excited.



This position requires professionalism when you interact with your instructor, students, and the FYE staff.  You should be respectful and courteous when communicating with others.  How you conduct yourself in class, during one-on-one or small group meetings, and at on-campus events is a reflection of your character and the FYE Office.  You should complete all paperwork and assignments on time.  You are expected to attend all training sessions and staff meetings throughout the semester. 



Being able to adapt is a major part of your role as a Peer Mentor.  This is a new program and we will be learning together as we go.  This means, some things may go really well while others may not.  I hope you will ask questions and provide feedback throughout the semester.  You will also need to adapt as you will work with many students who all have different backgrounds and experiences.  It is important that you recognize the different needs of students and provide them with the support they each need.



As a Peer Mentor you should set a good example of what it means to be a successful student at A&M-SA.  This does not mean you have to be perfect.  Be respectful and courteous of others.  Act professionally in the classroom and in your interactions with faculty, staff, and students.  Demonstrate good time management and study skills that your students can follow.  This position is an opportunity for you to grow personally and professionally as you assist in the transition and retention of new students. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.